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Vile Matter set to spread this month

Now that we're past the season for giving and kindness and peace on Earth, it's time to look ahead to Vile Matter – in the form of indie developer Joe Fatuch's upcoming psychological horror adventure, that is.

While plot details are intentionally vague, players are thrust into the first-person role of a protagonist "trapped in a deteriorating world of mystery." Confronted with a series of rooms but no obvious means of escape, you must explore and overcome a number of challenges and puzzles "while in pursuit of a mysterious figure that always seems to be one step ahead." If you're to avoid being "consumed by the darkness," you'll need to "outwit this prison of shadows and survive long enough to find an answer to the madness." Along the way, you will discover scattered letters from the person here before you, which will shine some light on where you are and perhaps even begin to provide answers as to your own identity. 

Presented in free-roaming 3D, Vile Matter is a psychological thriller that promises to "put the player on the edge of their seat" in a surreal world full of "foreboding and a sense of loneliness." Unlike many modern horror adventures that supplement haunting atmosphere with only the most basic gameplay, however, here the latter is prioritized as well, presenting numerous physics-based puzzles that can only be solved by performing such tasks as "moving objects within the environment, utilizing light sources to navigate a path, and physically altering objects." 

If you're ready to immerse yourself in Vile Matter, you can get started shortly as the game is due to be launched on Steam, itch.io and Game Jolt on January 14th.

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