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Adventure Boy makes a Jailbreak and begins dreaming about what’s next

When your handle is "Adventure Boy," you're bound to get caught up in plenty of hijinx. That is certainly true this week, as no sooner does the eponymous teenage star appear in one game than we begin looking ahead to the next. 

The series actually debuted in 2018 with Adventure Boy Cheapskate, a "pure swap-quest" starring the wise-cracking Benson on a "journey to reclaim his stolen bike" throughout Estivale, a seaside town populated by "a huge cast of funny, weird and thoughtful characters." Originally launched as a free browser-based Flash game, it was soon revamped and re-released in a commercial Deluxe Version with "tons of new puzzles, and a heap of updates." 

It wasn't long before Benson got up to new tricks. In the newly-released Jailbreak, when "a bottle-rocket test-launch goes horribly wrong," his friend Mike is put in jail after the two "accidentally destroy the only bridge out of town." Our wily protagonist has a plan to break Mike out using the ol' file-hidden-in-a-cake ploy. All he needs are three ingredients, but Benson has no money, which means he must "obtain all the ingredients the only way he knows how: by trading for it." Once again this will involve a convoluted serious of bartering, so players must "talk to the people in town and learn of their problems, then find clever solutions using the things in your inventory." Only by helping them this way will they "reward you with more items, which you can trade for bigger and better things until you finally have your cake."

That's not the last of Adventure Boy's shenanigans either, as solo Australian developer Paul Georghiou of Eyeball2D has already pulled back the curtain on the next installment, Dreamscape. While the new keyboard-controlled adventure filled with "item-swapping and problem-solving puzzles" will once again feature the familiar "wacky cartoon vibe" of its predecessors, this time around Benson will have access to "a variety of usable items akin to those in 2D Zelda titles," such as a "cosmic remote to control any device" and a friendly rat who "helps you navigate the maze-like storm drains below the ground." Set against the backdrop of an "economic collapse where inflation has rendered everybody’s money worthless," this will be the "most story-focused game in the series, as you follow the coming-of-age tale of a deep cast of fleshed-out characters, all with their own relationships and personal histories with one another."

Due out sometime in 2021, there is no more specific launch target yet for Adventure Boy Dreamscape as the developer plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to help finance its completion. 

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