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IKO 39 to launch on February 2020

The worst thing you can hear from a distant space station is absolutely nothing. When a faraway outpost goes radio silent, it can only mean that something has gone very wrong, and that someone will have to go investigate. That person is you in indie developer VD Games' upcoming first-person sci-fi adventure IKO 39.

The game is named after the space station on which it's set, located on a planet far from Earth. When contact with the colony is lost, an experienced engineer named Seam Kazer is sent to determine why. Upon his arrival, however, he quickly discovers that "a damaged connection is far from the main problem," but malfunctions on his own ship prevent him from leaving. In order to figure out what happened while dealing with a variety of obstacles of your own along the way, you will need to rely on whatever tools and equipment you can scrounge, including an adjustable wrench that is your only means of self-defense should you need it.

Created using Unreal Engine 4 and presented in free-roaming first-person 3D, IKO 39 sends players to all corners of the station, including the "residential, technical, medical and scientific" areas. With the help of an artificial intelligence named Amy, as well as notes left behind by the leader of the colony, you must not only seek answers to the mystery of the colonists' fate but also attempt to repair your ship if you're ever to escape. You will also need to contend with any robots you encounter, which you can choose to deal with cautiously or violently as you see fit.  

The seven-person indie team has managed to get through 80% of the game's development on their own, but have now launched a Russian crowdfunding campaign to complete IKO 39 in both Russian and English languages. If all goes well, we could see the game released on Steam for Windows PC as early as February 2020.

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