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First details lay the groundword for HELLSEED

We're quick to write off demonic beliefs as psychological delusions, but at least in games, sometimes the evil is real. If you're still skeptical, just wait for indie Italian developer Profenix Studio's upcoming horror adventure HELLSEED.

In the 1980s, a group of Italian doctors at a psychiatric hospital in the province of Turin report the disappearance of one of their colleagues to the police. As the detective sent to investigate the case, you begin your search for clues at the doctor's house, where "many strange things will happen and a dark presence will seem to follow you everywhere you go." Now, not only will you have to continue piecing together what happened to the missing psychiatrist, you must attempt to determine how this malevolent entity is related to him and what it wants from you

Described as a free-roaming, "first-person horror adventure with puzzles and some action elements," HELLSEED features a photorealistic 3D presentation created using the developer's own proprietary S2ENGINE HD. Inspired by "the atmosphere of classic Italian horror cinematography," the game promises "a lot of jumpscares and references to Italian beliefs," but also plenty of puzzles to solve through the collection and careful examination of inventory items discovered along the way. Just remember that you're not alone, as the lurking presence will "start to chase you at a certain point in the game," leaving you no choice but to "run and hide using what the environment offers to you."

HELLSEED is being planned as an episodic adventure whose debut installment is set to launch on Steam Early Access next October, where it is expected to remain for approximately six months after that. 

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