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Curse of Anabelle seeking good fortune on Kickstarter

The curse of any independent game is finding enough funds to successfully complete production, but with the help of a final-week push on Kickstarter, Turkish developer Rocwise Entertainment is hoping to conquer that fate for their upcoming horror adventure, Curse of Anabelle.

Following the death of her 9-year-old sister at the Ramsey Mansion in Boulder, Colorado, a young woman named Emily begins experiencing lucid dreams that allow her to communicate with the deceased Annabelle. At first Emily believes this to be nothing more than a manifestation of her grief, but "the intensity of these episodes begins to increase gradually, and she is convinced that little Anabelle's soul is somehow trapped in purgatory... and in need of help!" Emily begins to research the "dark history of Ramsey Mansion, occultism, and mystic arts" before sharing her concerns with her boyfriend Nathan. Initially dismissing her theories, Nathan becomes worried when Emily disappears without a trace. Believing her to be in danger, Nathan "decides to follow her footsteps without being aware of what he is getting himself into."

Described as a "mind-bending, dark puzzle adventure game with mystery and horror elements that are based on real-world myths and legends," Curse of Anabelle is a first-person 3D experience that sends players into the eerie labyrinthine confines of the grim, dilapidated Ramsey Mansion. There you'll uncover "mysteries dating back to the 10th century B.C. and face dark forces older than the Earth itself." You are free to roam anywhere the maze of manor doors will allow, and even "travel between different timelines and discover alternate routes." Along the way, not only will you collect clues and items needed to succeed, you'll also "use an inventory of mystical arcane books to guide yourself through this perilous journey." Only by crafting ancient seals will you be able to "face the malevolent forces through ancient rituals."

Having worked on the game for years now on their own, Rocwise has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £13,000 by November 29th. With less than a week left, the target goal is within sight but is going to need a final push to make it over the top. For those on the fence about backing the project, a downloadable demo is available on Steam, offering a sample slice of jump scares and exploratory gameplay taken from the game's fourth chapter. If crowdfunding is successful, we should see Curse of Anabelle launching on Windows PC in February 2020.

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