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First details come to light for Lantern

Is there anything more guaranteed to lead to trouble than an unexpected inheritance from a deceased relative in an adventure game? It's a truism that will soon prove accurate once again in indie developer Fotros Games' upcoming point-and-click title, Lantern

Players control a young photographer named Feri, who receives a letter informing him that his uncle has passed away and named Feri in his will. In order to claim his inheritance, Feri leaves the city and heads to his uncle's village. Then misfortune strikes again as he is involved in an accident on the way – or was it an accident? When he regains consciousness, Feri discovers that he has been captured by someone seeking to obtain a magical artifact passed down through the generations. If Feri is to preserve his family's legacy and escape his imprisonment, he'll need to solve a variety of puzzles along the way.

Lantern is presented in a charming hand-drawn art style, much of it in cartoony black and white with coloured accents for effect. A "mad doctor" is among the five distinctive characters the gangly, curly-haired protagonist will meet across 24 unique stages. He'll also encounter 20 discrete obstacles to overcome, some of them minigames against other competition and other challenges with limited time available. Fortunately, a lantern serves as a silent hint system alerting you to the nearest relevant puzzle-related hotspot, but you'll need to replenish it between uses by collecting tiny floating orbs of light. This should help minimize any frustration in a short but sweet experience expected to provide about 2-3 hours of play time in total.

Though development of the game is nearly complete, there is still no firm target launch date for Lantern as the five-man indie team is seeking to secure publisher support in order to release the game on PC and Android devices.

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