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Demo offers first look at Glimpse of Madness

What sight so horrific could push you to the brink of insanity and possibly even over the edge? One such trauma awaits the protagonist of Glimpse of Madness, an upcoming point-and-click mystery by indie Italian developer Hijacked Minds Games.

Following her graduation from college, Ana Lucia returns home in December to visit her parents at their remote cottage in Wyoming. What she finds, however, is her mother and father both brutally murdered. And that's only the beginning of Ana's troubles as "in the wake of this tragedy, unusual events begin to take place." The strangest is the discovery of "a girl named Theresa Clark in an old high school yearbook that looks just like Anna" – a yearbook dating back to before Ana was even born. Believing herself to be the prime suspect in her parents' deaths and losing her grip on reality, Ana disappears in order to pursue answers, "convinced that her 'twin' Theresa is trying to take over her mind... unaware of the brutal role she herself may be playing in the events which now shape her fate."

Inspired by genre classics like Broken Sword that meld a "strong sense of the supernatural" with lighter comedic touches, Glimpse of Madness is a traditional third-person, point-and-click adventure with more than 50 locations to visit. As you investigate the murders, you will encounter numerous inventory items to collect, puzzles to solve and "dozens of classic minigames" to complete along the way. For a work-in-progress taste of what to expect, a prequel demo with English subtitles is available now for download, exploring the events leading up to Ana's fateful trip while the full game will focus on what happens after the tragedy occurs.

The two-man indie team is currently hoping to release Glimpse of Madness on Windows, Mac and Linux by mid-2021, though to do that they plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign early next year to help finish production. 

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