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Cutish looking better than ever with updated rerelease

Beauty may only be skin deep, but indie developer stigmamax's newly-rereleased Cutish has plenty of brains to go with its good looks.

The game casts players in the first-person role of a traveler who arrives on an unknown island protected by an advanced security system designed to keep it from the prying eyes of the outside world. If you're to have any chance of escape, now you must explore the island's various unusual constructions that seem to comprise some kind of covert research facility linked to an inaccessible tower on a "rocky peak at the center of the island." Everything is locked with door codes, and the central pond "emits putrid odors," raising serious questions about what kind of work was being done here. In need of answers, you believe that you'll learn "a lot more when [you] get to the top of the tower."

Cutish is a free-roaming, first-person adventure that takes players from the relative safety of your man-made shelter to the likes of a sandy beach, an underground volcano and uninhabitable ruins, and ultimately into the windowless rooms of the abandoned complex in the "bowels of the island" that "look more like a blockhouse than a cozy nest." Some of these scenic and bunker-like environments are on display in the screenshots and trailer released. But why settle for secondhand images when you can experience a playable slice for yourself in the downloadable demo available on itch.io, in which your purpose is to "find the code that opens the door of the warehouse."

Originally launched without any fanfare back in May, Cutish has since been updated with "several additional scenes, riddles and advanced graphics" and been rereleased at a budget price for Windows PC on the same itch.io page as the demo. 

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