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Witch Loraine’s Death Game conjured up on Steam

There's nothing funnier than a good death... in adventure games, that is. Especially when that death is yours, and there are myriad ways to die, as in indie developer Giordano Pacifico's newly-released Witch Loraine's Death Game.

Players assume the role of a young man named Paxon, a "a novice witch hunter who attempts to slay his first witch." But when it comes to witches, hunter can often become the hunted, and in this case the one you're after has "set up deadly traps to hinder your journey." If you're to fulfill your mission, you must "solve puzzles as you make your way through Loraine's house or die trying."

Although presented in retro-styled pixel art with a traditional bird's-eye perspective, Witch Loraine's Death Game may refer to itself as an RPG but really it's an "adventure comedy game where you solve puzzles, have a few good laughs and most importantly try to survive." And survive you must, as the fate of a whole village is at stake if you're unable to stop Loraine.

Described as "part 1" of an ongoing series, Witch Loraine's Death Game is available now on Steam for Windows PC. 

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