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The Drifter gradually heading for PC release

You know you're in for a hard day when the best part about it is dying. Such will be the case for the back-from-the-dead protagonist of Powerhoof's upcoming retro-styled thriller, The Drifter.

The drifter in question is one Mick Carter, who for a long time has made a habit of "never staying one place long, moving from job to job." Eventually forced by circumstance to "return to his old home town, he witnesses a violent murder, is pursued by mysterious armed men, and killed." As fate would have it, however, "that's just the start of Mick's problems" as his consciousness is then "ripped away, thrust back into his own body seconds before his death." Rather than a new lease on life, Mick now finds himself "framed for the murder he witnessed, tormented by his own past, and haunted by a feeling something followed him back from the other side." Now, "struggling to maintain his sanity, can he unravel the conspiracy surrounding his condition and those hunting him?"

Presented in retro-styled pixel art, fully voiced and accompanied by a "brooding dark-synth cinematic score," The Drifter is a "pulp adventure thriller" controlled either through point-and-click or gamepad. Promising a "mad web of shadowy corporations, murder, and the thousand year old obsession of a madman," the "engrossing roller coaster of a story" has been inspired by "King, Crichton and Carpenter, with a dash of '70s Ozploitation."

The Drifter represents the first commercial endeavour by the creators of free Adventure Jam submissions Peridium and Alluvium. While no target completion date has been set so far, the game has been in development since 2017 and is due to launch on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux "when it's done," with a Switch version also being considered. While you wait, be sure to drop by the game's official website to follow its progress.

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