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Now you can get your hands on Interactivity: The Interactive Experience

Experienced gamers know all the unwritten rules of gaming to follow by now...or do they? Putting that notion to the test is Aetheric Games' recently-rereleased Interactivity: The Interactive Experience.

While story details are deliberately vague, players will find themselves on a guided tour of a gallery that explores how "interaction engineers have spent years rigidly defining the specialised and determinate ways that you, a 'video-game' protagonist, may interact with your world." Each exhibit on display is "glistening with promise, awaiting the click of your mouse and ready to edutain you." The only thing off-limits is "The Button. The Button is not for you."

Described as "The Stanley Parable meets Groundhog Day via David Lynch," Interactivity promises to be a "short meta-narrative experience about how our interaction with game worlds is limited by convention, in equal parts of awkwardly-funny and oppressive." As you wander the gallery in first-person 3D, you are encouraged to try anything and everything, solving "a handful of simple puzzles" along the way. Just remember not to touch The Button!

Originally released back in 2016, Interactivity: The Interactive Experience has since been "refurbished with new details, textures, tweaked puzzles, more endings, achievements and original music by Miles Tilmann." This budget-priced updated version has been launched on Steam and itch.io for Windows PC.

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