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Usú Kawí racing towards Kickstarter goal

The Rarámuri (or Tarahumara) may not be a widely known culture outside of Mexico, but an upcoming first-person adventure called Usú Kawí could help change that next summer if indie developer UnChild Games‬ is able to meet its very modest crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. 

Players control a female psychiatry student who has been "kidnapped and taken to the deeps of Chihuahua, Mexico." Upon awakening she discovers that in this place "nothing is what it seems," and in her weakened state she'll need to "put her brains to work" in order to solve puzzles and ultimately escape. 

Described as a "psychological first-person thriller," Usú Kawí focuses extensively on learning about a unique people known for their prowess in running, and a culture that reveres the Earth and respects women as a "true pillar of the society." Certain fictional elements have been added, including some to give the story a sci-fi flavour, but the developer's goal is to realistically portray the indigenous Rarámuri people. Even the letters you discover will be read aloud in their native Ralamuli language, providing not only relevant info to progress in the game but also facts that illuminate their writers' heritage, history and beliefs. 

In order to help complete Usú Kawí for PC and Xbox One by June 2020, UnChild has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise less than $300 USD by November 30th. If you'd like a firsthand taste of what to expect, you can download a demo from the Microsoft Store (by selecting the "Free Trial" option). 

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