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Political Quest rallying on Kickstarter

Of all the challenges facing us today, one of the most absurdly perilous may just be navigating the tricky waters of political correctness. Next year, if indie Australian developer David Longo is able to raise enough funds through Kickstarter for his upcoming debut adventure, players will get to choose how to do that very thing in a satirically amusing way in Political Quest

Basil Berkley is a moderately successful "30-something YooToober known for his pop culture videos" who "loves dark and gritty superhero films and thinks he is way smarter than he actually is." Recently his fellow YooToober named Aneeta disappeared following a "series of videos criticising the depiction of female characters in video games and movies." In order to track her down, Basil must now "raise his following (and cash)" and embark on an adventure that will take him around the world "from Sydney to Paris to the United States to London (and lots lots more)" where he will "encounter political correctness at every stop!"

Inspired by the genre classics of yesteryear, Political Quest features a third-person pixel art presentation and promises to be a "massive point and click adventure game, double the size of Monkey Island." It will include more than 100 locations to visit, many characters to converse with, and a variety of puzzles to solve as you "traverse the safe space forest, try to solve problems and escape YooToob’s mysterious headquarters." Following Aneeta's trail means earning lots of money for plane tickets, and to do that you will need to become more famous, whether through stage debates with "barely-disguised stand-ins of celebrities" or joining podcasts and other internet shows. 

In between collecting inventory and solving puzzles, it's up to you how to approach your ideological opposition, as "there are multiple paths to finish the story, with alternate solutions." You can be kind, hostile, or thoroughly neutral, and you can "ward off the social gatekeepers with your WIT or your BRAWN." The former involves "using evidence-based logic and facts," while the latter of course means "taking the NPCs out ‘the hard way’ – KNOCK THEM OUT with your fist." Then again, if you can't beat 'em you can always join 'em should you happen to agree with their political views.

In order to complete the game by the end of 2020, Longo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise approximately $13,500 USD by November 12th. If successful, we could see the game released for Windows, Mac and iOS devices before the end of 2020, with console ports also possible if stretch goals are met. To learn more about Political Quest, drop by the official website for additional details.

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