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Cat and Ghostly Road unleashed on Steam Early Access

Cats may have nine lives but people only have one, so a certain feline will need to travel to the underworld to save its human companion's soul in indie developer BOV's Cat and Ghostly Road, available now on Early Access.

Players control a pure white cat who was saved one wintry day by a painter and taken in to share his small remote shack in the mountains. One fateful night, however, "misfortune happened" to the man and a demon captured his soul. In order to rescue him from death, you must now "go on a dangerous journey to the world of ghosts and demons." There "not all things are what they seem," but as a cat you possess "special vision" that will assist you in seeing through deceptive appearances, as well as other unique abilities to help in overcoming the obstacles in your path. 

Presented in a beautifully hand-painted art style with a decidely Eastern flavour, Cat and Ghostly Road takes players on a surreal adventure across a variety of unique environments, as teased in the trailer and screenshots released. Other than the unique strengths of its furry, four-legged protagonist, the game promises to be a largely traditional point-and-click adventure, complete with inventory to collect and puzzles to solve along the way.

The husband-and-wife development team from Russia have been working on Cat and Ghostly Road for two years now and have recently launched the first half of the game through Steam Early Access for Windows and Linux. The current version comprises 15 distinct scenes, while the complete game will include at least 27 scenes in total and is expected to be finished by spring or summer of 2020.

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