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Amanita’s Pilgrims lands on PC and Apple Arcade

Amanita Design has been relatively quiet about its upcoming Creaks (which has slipped now to 2020), but perhaps one reason why is that the acclaimed Czech developer was busy making the newly-released Pilgrims on the sly.

Set in a "charming little kingdom, inspired by old Central and Eastern European fairy tales and, partially, John Steinbeck’s books," the non-linear game stars "Tramp, Granny, Bandit and Devil, four different characters each with their own quirks and perks, who eventually end up roaming the land together, dealing with strangers and helping each other out." You are encouraged to explore "as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way."

While really that's it for narrative (being from Amanita, this should come as no surprise), this "playful" point-and-click adventure promises to be "filled with all sorts of surprising, lighthearted situations" along the way. Although a single playthrough is designed to be short, it is also highly replayable, as you can "try out different combinations since many problems can be solved in a number of different ways." The gameplay mechanic is based around a minigame that appeared in Samorost 3, in which you interact with the world through a variety of inventory-based playing cards at your disposal. 

Normally there's a lengthy wait time between announcement and launch, but not this time, as Pilgrims is already here! As of today, the game is available to download from a variety of storefronts (including the developer's own website), for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as through Apple Arcade for iOS devices and Apple TV.

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