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The Eye of Borrack now open on Steam

Usually when we use the term "retro" we're referring to the early '90s and the days of blocky pixel art, but some new games are older-school than that, like indie developer JimJams Games' newly-released text adventure, The Eye of Borrack.

Players awaken "in a strange bed, in a strange land, far away from the humdrum life you live. You've no idea how you got here, or what's going on," but you soon discover a "rich, magical" world to explore. In order the "unlock the strange mystery of The Eye Of Borrack," you will need to accomplish many tasks and find 20 treasures, the purpose for which will "become clearer as you play through the game." 

In most ways The Eye of Borrack is a highly traditional text adventure, with a screen full of text and a prompt to type in commands in order to proceed. There are some complementary graphics, however, to help flesh out this "mysterious, fantastic world" visually as well as descriptively. Promising "many hours of gameplay," the experience will present a variety of puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel "through the manipulation of a host of objects, exploration and interaction with others you'll meet along the way." 

If you're feeling the urge to "get game," you can do so right away as The Eye of Borrack (along with a manual for IF newcomers) is available now on Steam for Windows PC. 

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