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First details leap out for Onirike

As with so many genre hybrids these days, it's getting harder to tell when a platformer ends and an adventure game begins, or vice versa. One such game that promises to blur the lines even further is the upcoming Onirike, by indie Spanish developer DevilishGames.

While story details are still sparse for now, the new "experimental and mindful" game from the creators of Path to Mnemosyne stars an unusual humanoid character named Prieto, who wakes up every night "in a world full of little creatures" that are different than him. In order for the protagonist to "discover [his] own nature," players must guide him through a series of "exotic" environments, overcoming both platforming and puzzling challenges along the way. 

Described as a "3D open-worldish adventure," Onirike features highly stylized graphics as seen in the first screenshots and teaser trailer unveiled. Gameplay mechanics will require a combination of running and jumping between pathway pedestals with contemplative puzzle-solving in between. There is no combat involved, but some of the inhabitants will need to be avoided. Fortunately, Prieto will be equipped with special abilities such as invisibility that let him overcome the obstacles in his path. 

Originally conceived long ago as a student project before being revisited and revamped with funding from Red.es and grants by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Onirike is currently in development for PC and is due for release sometime in 2020, with console ports also under consideration.

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