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Sol705 campaign

Zachary’s Note plugs into Kickstarter

Adventure games let us play as all different types of protagonists: swashbuckling pirates, brave knights, afterlife tour guides, bikers, detectives and more. But... a USB cord? Yes, that's exactly who will be starring in 205 Studio's Zachary's Note next year, assuming it's able to meet its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. 

The titular hero of the story is just a short, young cable who awakens to find himself all alone in a "junk box full of broken machines" stashed away in a warehouse. Where is he, and how did he get here? And most importantly, where is his mom? If he's to find his way out of here and be reunited with his mother, little Zachary will need your help to guide him.

Presented in third-person 3D, the world of Zachary's Note is filled with familiar items that will tower over the tiny protagonist, creating different mechanical obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, all of them are "interconnected with the nature of USB memory sticks," allowing you to interact with them. For example, a toy train may need power to move, the necessary software to reach its destination, and perhaps even an adapter to allow a USB connection. Players can "touch, kick and use various objects in many different ways," the environment reacting realistically due to the physics engine behind it. Here "anything is possible" and there are "no specific rules, nor ways to solve any problems. You have to find your routes with creativity."

In order to bring the game to Windows and Mac by the end of 2020, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 USD by October 29th, with Switch and VR versions possible if additional stretch goals are met. 

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