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Sol705 campaign

Discrepant emerges from shadows on Steam Early Access

If movies like Donnie Darko, Dark City and The Thirteenth Floor have delightfully blown your mind, then brace yourself for Discrepant, a new psychological sci-fi thriller by Incendio Software that has been released through Early Access.

Players control an "average man" named Sebastian in a "strange town" called New Haven, where you are "roused by the rumblings of distant explosions and the sounds of a screaming man falling to his death right outside your front door." Confronted by such a "decidedly abnormal situation," you must attempt to navigate the town in search of answers, but to do so you'll need to "weave your way through disconcerting situations, uncomfortably dark environments, and deadly peril at every corner." The voice you hear claiming to be your wife Sue "might be able to help you, but by the way she sounds, she's just as anxious and confused as you are." She may be "your only link to sanity, your only guide to unraveling why the world is falling apart," but "can you trust her guidance?"

Presented in free-roaming, first-person 3D, Discrepant promises a "dark and twisted psychological sci-fi adventure" that explores "the meaning of existence and purpose, challenges reality and emotional connection through a complex plot, and comes with a twist around every corner." The goal for players is to "find the safety of the transition room, and should you fail, you will need to try again." There will be "occasional enemy action" to inject an element of tension and panic along the way, but the developers claim that the game is "puzzle- and story-driven" along the lines of Frictional's SOMA.

Discrepant will comprise four chapters in total, the first of which is now available for download on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. Incendio plans to fine-tune the user experience and release a new chapter every few months until the full game is complete. To learn more about it, be sure to check out the official website for additional details.

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