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Maelstrom Obscura whips up free first legend-hunting case

Many legends around the world continue to confound us, but perhaps we'll finally get some answers – or at least, learn enough to draw our own conclusions – when the six-part anthology Maelstrom Obscura is released next year for Windows PC.

The game stars an American "truth hunter" named Jed Turner, who travels around the world "delving into the misty veils of conspiracies, myths and legends." As you explore and "talk to theorists, debunkers, locals, witnesses, agencies and the military," you must attempt to piece together enough information to decide for yourself whether the widespread rumours are "true or false, or what you believe them to be."

Created using the AGS engine, Maelstrom Obscura is a traditional point-and-click pixel art adventure with either mouse-cycled or menu-based cursor selection. In between chatting with those you meet in your travels, you'll pick up and combine items in inventory, access a database search tool for additional background information, and can even manually add your own notes to those automatically recorded on your trusty tablet. 

Turner is the star of each individual case, though apart from him the stories stand completely alone. The first case, available free to download from Adventure Game Studio, sees players chasing down the famous Loch Ness Monster, while the full game promises other tantalizing mysteries like the 1947 alien crash landing in Roswell, Yeti in Tibet, and a clandestine New World Order being orchestrated in secret for global domination, among others. 

Created by prolific freeware developer slasher and a team of fellow indies, the complete six-case collection will be a commercial release for Windows PC that is currently on track to launch sometime next summer. Before then, however, we can expect a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months to help finance Maelstrom Obscura through to completion. 

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