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First details found for SIMULACRA 2

People spend way too much time glued to their phones, but it's okay when doing so just might help solve the case of young person's suspicious and untimely death, as will be the case in October with the release of SIMULACRA 2.

The newest installment in the "found phone" series by Malaysian developer Kaigan Games revolves around the death of a young influencer. Although officially ruled an accident, Detective Murilo isn't convinced and instead "suspects that something is amiss." Assuming the role of either an undercover detective or an investigative journalist, you are recruited to help with the case when Murilo hands you the singlemost "crucial piece of evidence: the victim's phone." Using only the various apps available, now you must "get to the truth by combing through the victim’s past on her phone, interrogating suspects via group chat and text, and exploring her gallery and social media presence." Brace yourself for what you might find, however, as "the truth may disturb you."

As with its predecessor (and Sara Is Missing before that), SIMULACRA 2 takes place all within the confines of a smartphone interface. Described as a "creative horror tale that puts the player at the center of the experience," the sequel promises "new inventive apps, a more complex narrative, a larger live-action cast, and a deeper look into a creepy alternate universe where nothing is what it seems."

We don't have long to wait before the game arrives, as SIMULACRA 2 is on track to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime in October, along with mobile versions (naturally) for iOS and Android devices. 

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