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Framing Dawes being set up for 2020 debut

Rabbits can be cute and cuddly, but in adventure games they can also have a bit of a dark side. This is sure to be true once again in Jinx-It Games' upcoming episodic trilogy, Framing Dawes.

Following a "heated argument with her father," a teenager named Bay Dawes flees to the woods to unearth a box she'd buried there earlier. This box contains her mother's possessions, which Bay managed to stash away before her mother was "taken away to Witherington End Asylum." Inside is an "ornate bottle full of a strange dark liquid with a faded but inviting label promising to transform her into her most perfect self." Impulsively downing the mysterious potion, Bay immediately begins to lose consciousness, and only then notices the warning of potential side effects including "memory loss, paranoia, hallucinations, insanity and death."

It turns out, the label was right. Awakening back in her bedroom, "everything appears to be as normal, but Dawes can't remember anything." Even more troubling is the "mysterious email from an unknown sender warning her to leave home as the police are on their way to arrest her for the murder of a missing boy." If Bay is to reclaim her lost memories, regain her sanity and hopefully clear her name, she's going to need help from her "dead pet rabbit, Dink."  

Presented in a gorgeous hand-drawn 2D art style, Framing Dawes is a "dark modern day fairy tale" that plays out like a traditional third-person point-and-click adventure, but with a few twists. Not only can Bay "cast spells to reveal hidden locations and find useful inventory to solve puzzles," she can also "experience occasional possessions and paranormal activity," at times even switching control to Dink the rabbit, who has his own unique gifts that are essential to your progress. You'll meet a "variety of strange and wonderful characters" in your travels through the "world of Dawes' deteriorating mind," and a journal will automatically update with the protagonist's' inner thoughts along the way.

Largely a solo project by indie UK designer Caroline Van Dierkson, Framing Dawes will be a three-part serial adventure with each installment ending on a "cliffhanger or dramatic moment." The first episode, entitled Thyme to Leave, is currently on pace to debut on Windows and Mac before the end of next year, though before then there's a demo to look forward to and a Kickstarter planned to help round out production. To follow the game's progress in the meantime, be sure to drop by the developer's website for additional details.

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