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Nauticrawl set to emerge next month

Piloting a spacecraft would be difficult under the best of circumstances, but pilot an alien ship with enemies in pursuit? That is the challenge that awaits in Andrea Interguglielmi's Nauticrawl, a genre-defying adventure coming to PC next month.

In order to escape the "terrifying sentinels" pursuing you on a planet far from home, you steal a vehicle "designed to be piloted only by the ruling elites." Once on board you "check the radar, turn a few knobs, press some buttons..." and are horrified to discover that you "don't know how to move this hunk of metal." Now you have no choice but to experiment on the fly, though it will inevitably lead to mistakes – potentially even fatal ones. With pressure mounting, "if the pursuing forces or the crushing atmosphere don't kill you first, the Nauticrawl just might. This instrument, your only hope of survival, could also be your demise." 

Nauticrawl takes place entirely within the cockpit of the titular vessel, with gameplay occurring through "turn-based exploration." Surrounded by console displays, buttons to push and levers to throw, at first players can do nothing but try anything and everything and hope something works. But as you begin to "puzzle out how everything fits together," you will eventually master the controls needed to "redirect power, hack devices, uncover communications" and more. You mustn't get discouraged when things go wrong, as "failure is part and parcel of this unforgiving experience." Slowly but surely, "as the corners of the story pull back and you learn your way around the consoles, you just might get off this wretched rock." 

Would-be astronauts don't have much longer to wait for this unique sci-fi experience, as Nauticrawl is due to be launched on Steam on September 16th for Windows and Mac. 

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