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Reversion to return with series finale soon

It's been over six years since the second installment of 3f Interactive's Reversion was released, and it may have appeared that the episodic point-and-click adventure was never to be finished. The good news is that the series finale is indeed still coming, and the better news is that it's been preceded by an updated re-release of the first two chapters in case you missed them the first time around. 

Reversion stars a young amnesiac named Christian, who awakens in a hospital in Buenos Aires to discover that 20 years have passed since his last memory in 2015. By this time the city has "long since fallen into the hands of a paramilitary organization for whom the hospital is serving as a headquarters." Unable to leave and in desperate need of answers, Christian teams with a fellow patient named Victoria to plan an escape as "together, you must seek the truth and reverse the disastrous events that destroyed Buenos Aires as you remember it." The sequel picks up where its predecessor left off, with Christian and Victoria in search of a man in a photo Christian possesses, meeting "new friends and foes where you least expect it" along the way.

With the series now reduced from six episodes to a trilogy, in the third and now-final chapter, appropriately titled The Return, you come to realize that "the only way to save your city is to join the Resistance" and push back against the tyrannical rule of a man named Sergio. As players guide Christian through the ruins of Buenos Aires, you must attempt to "find the missing pieces to a mysterious device, the city’s only hope for redemption." If you can reconstruct the machine, you might just be able to undo the terrible destruction around you, but "can you and your friends outrun Sergio and his guards long enough to succeed?"

There is no release date announced just yet, but Reversion: Chapter 3 – The Return is coming soon on Steam for Windows PC. That still leaves time to catch up on the series debut and middle installment while you wait.

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