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Stranded: Lost at Sea turns up on Kickstarter

If you were lost at sea and stranded with only one game to play, what would it be? Well, if indie Norwegian developer Eivind Solsvik is able to successfully fund his debut environmental puzzler through Kickstarter, you might just choose to take Stranded: Lost at Sea along for ideas. 

While the story itself is still a work in progress with few details unveiled so far, the game casts players in the role of a young man who finds himself alone in a strange land with only his wits to overcome the many obstacles in his path. Designed to be a "mysterious" adventure that encourages you to simply "go with the flow," you will explore caves, floating islands, rocky pathways and even tropical beaches while strategically utilizing the tools collected along the way if you're ever to find a way back home.

Presented in a charming hand-drawn art style and controlled via keyboard, Stranded is inspired by other "peaceful" adventures (no enemies to worry about here) such as Fez, The Witness and Myst, as well as the Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Gameplay will be focused around direct manipulation of the environment, such as powering up levers to operate lifts needed to reach new heights, and players will have the ability to "scan" many items to acquire clues or information about them.

Having worked on the game by himself to this point, Solsvik has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise over $1000 USD to complete production as soon as March 2020. Stranded: Lost at Sea (for now only a working title) is being developed primarily for PC, though a Switch version will also be considered later on. 

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