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Mind Trap unlocked soon on Steam Early Access

If you have fond memories of Rod Serling's classic Twilight Zone episodes on TV, then your next stop should be Gear Worx Productions' Mind Trap, a four-part psychological thriller anthology coming soon to Early Access.

Each of the four short stories will have its own distinct premise. In the series debut, Jack Davis is "a man locked in a state of denial" who "finds himself in a waking nightmare." Having no memory of "who he is or where he is," with the help of Dr. Markham he must now "uncover the truth by unlocking his own mind," even if he "might not like what he finds."

In "Episode Two – Turbulence," Susan Danvers falls asleep on a flight to Alaska, only to awaken and "discover that the flight crew and passengers are nowhere to be found. What horrors await at 30,000 feet?" The third installment, "Left for Dead," sees Miles Peterson "beaten and left for dead" before he manages to stumble upon "a cabin in the woods which he decides would be a safe place to stay for the night." He's wrong. The series concludes with "Grave Mistake," in which Bill Jefferies is "a simple man with a simple job" working nights as an undertaker at Wood Grove Cemetery. This proves as creepy as it sounds, as "while watching his favorite TV show reruns of Mind Trap, he is startled by strange noises coming from outside. Getting up to investigate those noises . . . . was a grave mistake."

Presented in free-roaming first-person 3D, each episode of Mind Trap promises a tailored blend of traditional puzzle-solving and exploration of "creepy environments" to find clues to proceed. There will even be a light bit of text-based adventuring in the opening episode. As with its famed inspiration, the game promises "topics of a dark nature" but only "minor graphic violence" depicted throughout the story or during flashbacks. 

The first episode of Mind Trap is available for preorder now for a discounted price through Steam Early Access in beta form for Windows, Mac and Linux, with minor issues still being ironed out before being launched. The remaining three installments will be released free of charge to owners of the game between now and the end of the first quarter of 2020, when Gear Worx expects the full series to be complete.

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