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It’s Kickstarter time for Hourglass

Just how DID the ancient Egyptians manage such feats of wonder with the limited tools at their disposal? Many have speculated that they had access to superior technology, perhaps even bestowed on them by visitors from outer space. You'll get the chance to discover the answer for yourself – or rather yourselves – next year in Ben Braß and Patrick de Rijk's upcoming Hourglass, which is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

Players control a young woman named Aywa in search of her archeologist father, who went to Egypt two weeks ago but "never returned from his latest expedition." Incredibly, upon your arrival at a remote temple you'll encounter "undiscovered Egyptian technologies and portals to a foreign world." Now, "only by unraveling the secrets of these long lost technologies" will you be able to "solve all puzzles on your quest and eventually find your father."

Hourglass is a free-roaming, keyboard- or gamepad-controlled first-person adventure featuring a stylish low-poly aesthetic that takes players though "flying islands and ancient temples [...] set in a lost kingdom of divine pharaohs and elusive mysteries." Inspired by other environmental puzzlers like Portal, The Witness and RiME, the game is based around a core problem-solving mechanic. Here you have the ability to record your own actions for a short period of time, after which "time winds back to the beginning of the recording and a copy of yourself appears, repeating the actions." In order to succeed you will need to utilize this time-manipulation technique to "cooperate with yourself" in "creative ways to get through various areas filled with difficult puzzles."

In order to complete Hourglass by November 2020, the two-man indie German team developing it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise €37,800 by September 9th. The game is being developed for PC, though console ports are possible if certain stretch goals are met. For an early taste of what to expect, a downloadable work-in-progress demo is available to check out the game first-(and second?)hand. 

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