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New Steam release reveals what is Beyond This Side

How far would you go if a loved one disappeared, was presumed dead, and the police couldn't find any trace of either victim or culprit? This is the grim premise behind the GlimGames' newly released Beyond This Side

The game stars a man named Sam, whose wife Anna disappeared six months ago leaving only one gruesome clue behind: her severed hand. Tormented by this unsolved mystery, Sam still has "a million questions in his head." With the cops unable to procure any new leads, he takes it upon himself to investigate the tragedy by hanging around the alley where she went missing "every day for 6 months," only to discover to his great surprise that "there [is] more to this world than we know."

While that's it for plot details revealed so far, the screenshots and trailer for Beyond this Side show off its slick hand-painted art style. While still fairly casual in nature, this game features no hidden object-style gameplay like the indie Turkish developer's previous game, Shaban. Instead it is a traditional point-and-click mystery with a variety of characters to talk to, items to collect and puzzles to solve along the way. 

There will be three "episodes" in total for Beyond This Side, with the first two available now on Steam for Windows PC, with the finale to be delivered a few months from now as free DLC.

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