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Repressed to make its way out on September 26th

Mazes aren't evil, they're just twisted (literally and figuratively). Which really makes them the perfect backdrop for a psychological puzzler like Sigur Studio's upcoming Repressed

The title, of course, refers to the destructive memories of "unresolved trauma" that can "cast a shadow over your entire life" without you even being aware. So how to bring these memories into the light in order to confront and overcome them? By becoming an "immaterial reflection of your subconsciousness, a shadow, a mirror of a defective aspect of your being" and exploring your own mind firsthand. In this "out-of-body experience" you must "recollect all the good times, as well as the dark ones, in order to be able to face them and eventually accept the truth."

While hardly the first game to thrust players into the depths of their own "Mind Palace," Repressed distinguishes itself from the others with its stark black-and-white presentation and labyrinthine aesthetic. The (largely) monochrome design is not merely aesthetic, either, as your character lacks the "usual 3D posture" of in-game avatars. As a shadow, you are inherently "subject to different laws of physics" that have a direct bearing on gameplay. Needing light to exist, darkness itself becomes your primary obstacle to avoid but "remember that your shadow self will transform depending on the angle of light, and that changing perspective or camera view might be of key importance to solving certain spatial puzzles."

This symbolic representation of "how we fight our inner demons, why we continuously repeat our mistakes and why we keep failing to achieve certain goals in our lives" is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC on September 26th. To learn more about Repressed in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website for additional details. 

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