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Sol705 campaign

Kickstarter uncovered for adult-themed The Hotel

With a few rare exceptions, Leisure Suit Larry is about as close as adventure games tend to get to pornography, but Petru Leontescu and a small group of developers are hoping to crank the sex level up a notch with The Hotel, a point-and-click indie adventure that is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 

While story details are scarce, the game stars a woman named Christie, who finds herself drawn into an unexpected mystery when she receives explicit photos of a kidnapped woman via the cell phones left around the titular hotel for her to find. Unwilling to involve the police and certain the victim is somewhere in the building, Christie takes it upon herself to investigate... taking a little time for sensual pleasures when the mood strikes, of course.

The developers claim that The Hotel is not a "porn video" but rather a classic-styled, mouse-driven title whose primary focus is "on gameplay and story" in a tale filled with "humor, adventure and monsters." However, make no mistake, as the game is decidedly NSFW with "uncensored adult content" largely based around the "sexy female protagonist and many female characters you will meet along the way."

In order to complete the game for Windows, Mac and Linux by August 20th, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 USD by September 27th. For a sample of what to expect, a downloadable demo is already available, though at this stage it is still a "pre-alpha version, more of a concept" than a finished product. 

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