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ROOM 208 unlocked on Steam

Deceptive Games is no stranger to atmospheric thrillers, having previously released the Initiate series and Silent Descent. Now the indie Welsh studio is inviting players to check in for an intense stay in their newly-released first-person puzzle horror adventure, ROOM 208.

The Great Leaf Hotel in the sleepy town of Fleetwood Vale has enjoyed a long history of notable guests. But its latest resident has proven bad for business. The hotel is now cursed by the presence of an ancient evil that has already claimed numerous victims. Spiritual medium Victor Rockford has been summoned in the hopes that his otherworldly abilities will help him stop the evil haunting the hotel, but he’ll need to be careful that the malicious spirit doesn’t claim his soul first.

ROOM 208 will see players investigating the expansive 3D hotel, using items and solving puzzles to advance. But Victor has been selected for this task for a reason: his paranormal powers allow him to cross over and interact with alternate worlds to bring him closer to the truth. But the evil plaguing the hotel won’t sit idly by and watch as Victor solves the case, and will attempt to hunt him down and stop him. Although this is designed to be a “psychological horror experience” more than a game of survival, players will still need to be prepared to evade enemies with smart AI that can spawn anywhere, ready to pursue Victor mercilessly.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to help Victor save the tormented soul waiting for him in Room 208, you can get started right away as the game has launched on Steam for PC, with other platforms to be announced at a later date.

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