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Kumo gets its chance on Kickstarter

Normally the road to redemption leads through some dark, personally painful places, but that's decidedly not the case in indie developer Benjamin Gregg's upcoming Kumo, a lovely looking 3D adventure that is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Kumo is named after its protagonist, a young boy who, having inadvertently triggered a terrible tragedy and nearly dying in process, is now "looking for a second chance at life." It won't be easy, however, as he now finds himself trapped in "a world of limbo" where he will be "forced to solve puzzles, discover secrets and keep his will and determination" strong as he searches for his parents and attempts to find his way back home. Along the way, you can expect to meet "the spirits of those before you who took this beautiful but treacherous journey."

The concept of death and limbo may sound grim, but the Kumo experience promises to be anything but. Inspired by the likes of Journey and RiME, the game is meant to "create a beautiful and emotional tale that will make you choke and smile with hope." The early screenshots and trailer show off the vibrant colour palette and surreal 3D world that will invite players into "a land covered in clouds, lush beautiful ruins, across white snowy Alps and through a strange mirrored temple." Each organic puzzle promises to be unique, and solving them will "change the environment in small and large ways" in order to access new areas or discover hidden secrets. To assist him in his travels, Kumo possesses a ribbon that he can control with his "spirit," enabling players to overcome obstacles that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Kumo's development has been self-financed for nearly two years already, but in order to get it to the finish line, Gregg has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise over £13,000 by August 31st. If successful, the goal is to launch on Steam for Windows and Mac in January 2020, with ports on all three major consoles to follow.  

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