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Sol705 campaign

Before there was PRE:Cursor, there was a Kickstarter

So Game of Thrones is over... what next for fantasy fans? Well, if all goes well in their Kickstarter campaign, we can look forward to indie developer Sentral Arts' point-and-click adventure PRE:Cursor arriving late next year.

It's just a day like any other for siblings Ashleigh, Arya and Linky, until an unexpected phenomenon turns it into a "life-changing, mind-bending trip into an unknown world." After dozing off in their father's office, the trio awaken to find that "while they seem to still be in an office, this one feels much older and the atmosphere is vastly more foreboding." Then they hear the "terrified whimpers" of a teenaged boy who can't remember "who he is or how he came to be in this situation." If all four of you are to find answers and hopefully get back home, you must embark together on a journey that will "set in motion events that will affect the future and survival of the cosmos."

Though not much of its presentation has been revealed so far, PRE:Cursor's early artwork displays an appealing hand-drawn aesthetic with a familiar verb coin interface. As players begin to explore, they'll soon discover a "world where beings of amazing and terrific power reside. Beings that could not possibly exist in the world you know – the world of normalcy and reason." Inspired by the genre classics, the game's puzzles will "test your mind as you make your way through an unknown labyrinth of locations, using what you have on hand and the environment around you to gain pivotal information." A choice of difficulty levels will allow you to tailor the challenge level to your preference, and certain decisions your make can lead to different experiences along the way. 

Promising a "modern take on a timeless system," PRE:Cursor will allow players to control all four characters, switching between them to "exploit each character's strengths to overcome obstacles" and compensating for the weaknesses of the others. Ashleigh is the reluctant group leader who is "able to utilise her love of reading to attain knowledge readily – although her ability to do so is often hampered by her poor eyesight." The enigmatic Arya is a trained dancer whose "nimbleness, grace, and athleticism" allow her to "perform dexterious feats and reach places where others in the team are not able." The youngest sibling, Linky, may be small but "what he lacks in size and power he makes up for with a knack for seeing things others often would have missed entirely." The stranger's powers, for now, remain as mysterious as his identity.

In order to complete the game by November 2020, the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise approximately $40,000 (US) by August 23rd. Having "spent the last 20 years crafting an expansive universe," the team's larger goal isn't just to release PRE:Cursor as a one-off adventure, but rather serve as a springboard into a "much larger saga" still to come.

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