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Sol705 campaign

Locked and Away breaks out on Kickstarter

Between the likes of Saw and Danganronpa in recent years, we've become trained to know that waking up in an unknown place with a seemingly random group of strangers is not going to end well – for some of us, at least. With the help of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, we can add indie developer Hunter Haney's upcoming Locked and Away to this collection of "killing game" adventures when it's released early next year. 

Players control a young woman named Jack, who awakens to find herself trapped in a strange building with nine other people she's never met. Your host, Henry the Henchman, summons everyone to the dining room, where he informs you that you must survive a series of "puzzle floors" in order to escape. With little more to go on, there is no other option but to comply. Along the way you will get to know more about both this "murderous game" and your fellow captives, as there will be "tons of lore" to discover, so long as you can overcome the deadly traps that lie in wait and live to tell the tale. 

Created using RPG Maker MV, Locked and Away is presented in a typical 16-bit bird's-eye fashion. Featuring simple keyboard controls to get around and interact, players must investigate carefully and solve puzzles to succeed. You can also converse with the others in your group, including the "crybaby" Nadia, the "grumpy old man" Francis, and the teenaged Teddy, among others. Some may wish to team up, while others will wish to work alone, but beware personal attachments as there's no guarantee that all of you will make it out in one piece. 

In order to put the finishing touches on Locked and Away, Haney has launched a very modest Kickstarter campaign. The game will be released on PC in March 2020, and crowdfunding will help pay for additional art, music, and voice acting. Those interested can get a sampling of what to expect in the downloadable demo, with the understanding that this is "100% a work in progress" and that there are no actual traps and no time limits to contend with, which certainly won't be the case in the full game to come. 

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