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Sol705 campaign

Escape Lala 2 let loose on PC and mobile devices

The first taste may be free, but the rest is gonna cost ya'. No, this isn't a commentary on drug addiction, but rather the reality of Escape Lala 2, a newly-released commercial fantasy follow-up to the 2018 escape-room freeware adventure.

Created by two-man Israeli team DuckbearLab, the original Escape Lala hearkened back to the genre classics of yore such as King’s Quest, Simon the Sorcerer and The Legend of Kyrandia. Combining a retro-styled point-and-click aesthetic with casual escape-room sensibilities, the game thrust players into a "magical cave, full of mysteries" with no memory of how they got there and nothing but their wits available to get back out. 

The sequel promises to be much longer and better-rounded than its half-hour predecessor, with a brand new story and more substantial gameplay. This time around, a "beloved princess is missing," and it's your job to "solve mysteries, uncover secrets and bring back peace and order to the world." The new game features a similar pixel art presentation, of course, taking players "from the damp caves down below through a giant castle filled with ancient remains and out to the sunny outdoors." Along the way there will be a variety of "puzzles with magical twists" to solve, but if you need help you can search for hidden easter eggs that yield gold coins. These coins act as currency that can be traded for hints, though they're best used sparingly in order to "get a better score at the end of the game."

If you're up for a little more fantasy puzzle-solving, there's no need to wait, as Escape Lala 2 is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac, as well as the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

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