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Take a peek at the first details for Now You See

You know you're in trouble when being caught outside in the middle of a torrential storm in the dead of night is the best part of your day. This is precisely the situation players will find themselves in when indie developer Screaming Void's Now You See is released for PC in the next couple months.

All alone in the midst of "unfamiliar farmlands" while "battling the hail and winds in dark and slippery conditions, you are desperate to seek some shelter." You're encouraged (foolish you) when you finally spot the "dark silhouette of a lone residence on the horizon." Hoping for help or at least a friendly reception (even more foolish you), you head for the house and knock. Strangely, "there is no answer, but you hear the faint sound of music coming from inside. You knock again... nothing. Rain and hail is stinging your face and fingers like daggers now. You grip the cold handle and twist. The door creaks open and you step inside..."

What you discover within proves to be anything but a sanctuary – though of course it wouldn't be much of a game if it was! Instead you'll find a rustic home presented in "grisly hand painted 2D art." Promising "lashings of atmosphere and gore" that will include "visual depictions and descriptions of violence, mutilations, corpses and plenty of gore," Now You See will confront players with "menacing characters and themes involving kidnapping, torture, dismemberment and murder." (The storm is beginning to sound a whole lot better now, isn't it?) This is no action game, however, so with no means to defend yourself from whatever terror inhabits this place, you will need to "use your wits to escape this immersive nightmare." As you collect inventory and solve "fiendish puzzles" in first-person slideshow-style fashion, gradually you will begin to "unfold a dark story about ritual, blood and survival" along the way.

While no firm release date has been set just yet, Now You See is not far off, as the game is due to launch on Steam sometime later this year, and if all goes well only "a month or two" from now at most. 

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