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Gangsters 1920 to invade mobile devices

The Roaring Twenties weren't all about jazz, flappers, and a booming post-war economy; they were also characterized by Prohibition, Tommy guns and senstational crimes. Guess which aspects make for a better game? German developer Sunlight Games certainly believes it's the latter, as they intend to prove soon enough with their upcoming adventure Gangsters 1920.

A national bank robbery has recently occurred, and it is up to Detective Lake to "hunt down the gangsters responsible." Your investigation will take you down the "gloomy roads of the surreal 1920s underworld," where you must follow leads and seek out new clues to identify the culprits. But beware, as you will soon discover that "the right people will do you a favor" but that "the wrong people will kill you." If you are to succeed, you'll first have to "find out who your friends are before encountering your foes." 

Featuring a minimalist black-and-white art style presented from an isometric perspective, Gangsters 1920 has a much different look than the studio's previous adventures, the "Anniversary" update of Sierra's classic Gold Rush! and an original new sequel. This is a much smaller, more confined game, but what it lacks in scope it makes up in replayability, as players will be presented with a randomly generated map at the start of each new game. 

Another departure from its predecessors is that Gangsters 1920 is being designed not for PC but for mobile devices. There is no firm launch date announced just yet, but the game is coming "soon" to iOS and Android devices.

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