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Shadow Point in the spotlight with VR release

A young girl who mysteriously disappeared some twelve years ago. A mountaintop observatory standing guard at the edge of the world. An enigmatic journal hinting at an incredible connection between the two, and a wondrous world beyond the boundaries of imagination. These are just the first few breadcrumbs to follow in Coatsink’s newly-released VR adventure, Shadow Point.

Shadow Point sees players take on the role of Alex Burkett, following in the footsteps of one Edgar Mansfield. Mansfield's journal recounts the search for the long-missing Lorna McCabe, including the things he uncovered and chose to never share with another living soul. The trail leads via cable car to a lookout station high atop a mountain, but then extends beyond the limits of our reality and into an ever-changing fantasy world filled with imaginative creatures, reality-bending puzzles, and the truth behind Lorna’s disappearance.

Created exclusively for virtual reality and presented via somewhat stylized, angular graphics, Shadow Point promises over eighty puzzles to solve with support for seated, standing, and roomscale playspaces. Puzzles will require players to create shadows, manipulate gravity, walk on walls, and peer through magical lenses to change the environment in order to succeed. Helping to bring the game’s dual worlds to life is a full voice cast headed by Sir Patrick Stewart as the journal’s author Edgar Mansfield.

Published by Oculus Studios, Shadow Point is now available for both the Rift and Quest platforms as a cross-buy purchase. To learn more about the game, visit the official website for additional information.

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