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Brassheart building towards 2019 release

What if the technology of the Roaring Twenties were characterized not by cars and radios, but by intelligent machines and invading robot armies? It may not be the decade recorded in the history books, but that's exactly what we can expect in indie developer Hexy Studio's upcoming dieselpunk adventure, Brassheart.

In this alternate universe, a technological revolution has turned the 1920s into a decade of "sprawling networks of engines, antigravity generators and automatons." A rebellious "mechanical brain" called Valkiria has "gathered a loyal army" in order to impose its militaristic will on society and kidnap one of its own co-creators. Now Pola Zagórska, daughter of the missing inventor, must join forces with a few trusted companions to "follow the clues in her father’s journal" in order to uncover his "enigmatic inventions and outsmart the malevolent machine." For Pola, the only way to "end the era of mechanical terror and save her father" is to rebuild a mysterious device called 'Brassheart' whose parts are "scattered all over the world." 

Inspired by dieselpunk and Art Deco aesthetics, Brassheart promises to send players to a wide variety of beautifully hand-painted locations, from "breathtaking European palaces to the Himalayan mountains." Along the way you will "encounter an ensemble of colorful characters: barons and countesses entangled in high-society intrigues, spies, criminals, adventurers and inventors." Accompanying Pola on the journey are her friends Manfred the mechanic and Tamara the painter, who provide "support and banter along the way," as well as Pascal, a "small, curious automaton who will become Pola’s inseparable companion, providing clues and unlocking secrets." Fixing mechanisms and solving puzzles will require "clever thinking and improvisation" as you "utilize some crazy inventions in this twisted timeline: lasers, robots, airships and more."

Brassheart is currently on track to launch on Steam by the end of 2019, but the developers are also hoping to port the game to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices later on. To learn more about it in the meantime, drop by the official website for additional details.

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