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The Dreamcatcher to be released soon for Windows PC

Most of us are likely familiar with the phenomenon in which someone or something that occupied our thoughts during the day intrudes upon our dreams. However, what if this situation were reversed, and the things we encountered in our dreams the night before were able to affect our waking world? This is the premise behind The Dreamcatcher, an upcoming first-person adventure game currently in development by Shanghai-based Huanlin Games.

While plot details are vague for now, players will take on the role of “a young man who has just graduated from college” and has started to earn a living. Then “one day in your mundane life, after having a strange dream, you wake up and find out that things in real life [have] changed. Somehow your dreams and reality are intertwined.” With the ability to explore “many distinct dream worlds,” it will be your task to “travel into the dream worlds time after time, and make everything right again,” while also seeking solutions in the waking world that will help you “overcome obstacles in [your] dreams.”

Featuring photorealistic graphics and inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theory that “the dream is the fulfillment of a wish,” the game will “explore the topics of dream and reality, human subconsciousness, love, and relationships.” Promising a “mysterious atmosphere” with shifts of tones between various dreams, the main focus will be on “narrative and environmental storytelling” but there will also be “light puzzle elements” to contend with throughout. In this “personal story” to discover the main character’s unfulfilled wish, players will be confronted with “occasional horror elements and dark environments,” but the developers claim that there will be no combat or violence along the way.

While no release date has yet been announced, The Dreamcatcher is listed as coming soon on Steam for Windows PC.

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