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Summit of the Wolf building towards spring 2020 release

The last time we heard from Chris Brendel, the indie developer was locking players up in Stonewall Penitentiary. Now the first details about Unimatrix Productions' next adventure has been unveiled, and the setting couldn't be more different in Summit of the Wolf.

The game stars twelve-year-old Ophelia,  who falls asleep one night only to awaken "in an ethereal garden with no memory of how she got there." Now, following an encounter with "a mysterious goddess named Adena, Ophelia sets out on a personal journey to find the fabled Summit of the Wolf, whereupon she must uncover the tragic real-world events that led to her arrival in this fantasy realm." Hers will not be an easy task, however, so "will Ophelia complete her quest, or will she succumb to the many dangers she must face along the way?"

Designed in the visual style of a graphic novel, Summit of the Wolf includes "both fantasy and real-world segments," the latter taking players to "a variety of environments, from living forests to damp caverns to cursed catacombs, and more." There players will encounter "over two dozen characters, all with their own distinct personalities – some quirky, others helpful, and a select few terrifying." Throughout this 15+ hour, emotionally-charged journey of discovery for Ophelia, players will also need to "solve a multitude of challenging puzzles" that derive organically from the story in order to succeed. 

It's still too early for a precise release date just yet, but Summit of the Wolf is due to launch on Steam and itch.io sometime in spring 2020. To follow its progress in the coming months, you can visit the game's official website for updates.

Details on Summit of the Wolf

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Summit of the Wolf  2020

After falling asleep in her warm bed one night, twelve-year-old Ophelia wakes up in an ethereal garden with no memory of how she got there.

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