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Demons Never Lie about a Kickstarter campaign

What is the value of one's soul? Would you sell yours away to the devil for a second chance at a better life? And what might the consequences be if you do? These questions are at the heart of IndieBug's Demons Never Lie, an upcoming point-and-click adventure now seeking funding through Kickstarter. 

John has lived an "awful life" and now that it's over, his "soul is ready to say goodbye to this cruel world." But perhaps there's another option. When a demon named Ocaso appears and offers him "the opportunity of being young again, having the life he's always dreamed of," it almost seems too good to be true. It certainly comes with strings attached, as the price is his eternal soul, and the results may not be anything like John expected.

Demons Never Lie blends voxel characters with low-poly 3D environments and hand-drawn portraits, but don't let its unique art style lull you into a false sense of security: while it does have its lighter moments, the game promises a "dark story" with "emotional and atmospheric storytelling" throughout. As players help the protagonist to "fix his life, avoiding terrible past mistakes... with a demon on your side," the tale will involve plenty of "adventure, thriller and horror" elements along the way. 

The solo creation of indie designer Maika Hernandez, Demons Never Lie is approaching completion but needs some help reaching the finish line. To that end, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise €5,000 by June 14th. Those interested can sample the game firsthand through the downloadable demo available for Windows, Mac and Linux. If the campaign is successful, we should see the full game launched on the same three platforms sometime before the end of the year.

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