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Vasilis breaks out on Steam

A city in rebellion is not a place you'd want to be at the best of times, but especially when you're an elderly woman whose husband has gone missing. And yet that's precisely the challenge that players must confront in the newly-released minimalist adventure Vasilis.

The eponymous character has lost her husband Peter somewhere in the "rebellious city center" abandoned by the government and now "dominated by local workers and students." Unfortunately, finding him again will be no easy task in the midst of constant rioting, at a time when "almost everyday something burns or someone dies." In order to succeed, you'll need to navigate the disorder and chaos on the city streets and barely-operational businesses that still remain open. 

If that sounds like an unusual premise for an adventure game, then it surely demands an unusual art style. Vasilis certainly delivers in that respect, presented in an intentionally crude, black-and-white hand-sketched aesthetic. Controlled entirely by keyboard, the game is essentially a side-scroller, though it also includes some forward/back movement in its faux-3D environments as you roam the center, talking to your many fellow inhabitants and collecting items that will help your cause along the way. The game promises to be heavily narrative-driven, split into five large chapters "in which players will dive into riots, cults and cruel war events."

If that sounds like a riot of another sort, you can jump in right away, as the game has now launched on Steam for Windows PC. For those who'd rather look before you leap, you can do that too thanks to the playable demo available. 

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