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First details exposed for Privacy

Surreptiously invading people's private lives is kind of an inherent feature in adventure games. But nosing around someone's personal secrets will be even more prevalent in indie Dutch developer Codalyn's upcoming narrative adventure, Privacy

When billionaire CEO Robert-Paul den Heer dies in the summer of 2079, you are sent by your boss into the deceased's "lavish villa" with one assigment: to find and acquire his latest research. Sounds like a simple enough task, especially since "Hubert, the house AI, has been informed of your arrival and will assist you in retrieving the files." Once you arrive, however, you soon discover that Hubert's programming "has been tampered with, preventing him from even allowing you into the office." So you're on your own to scour the man's "personal items in an attempt to find, well, something – anything that may grant you access to the files. As you dig deeper, you slowly piece together a series of events that shaped Mr. Den Heer's past, our present... and more."

Privacy's "richly detailed modernist villa" features a clean 3D first-person art style in a futuristic setting where "artificial intelligence and augmented reality have replaced most electronic devices we use today." Rather than focus on puzzle-solving, the game appears to be more like Gone Home with its emphasis on narrative and exploration as you "interact with Hubert and open doors and drawers to uncover the story of a driven entrepreneur-inventor and the events that made him who he was." You can be as thorough as you like in attempting to "unravel the secrets of the house and story at your own pace," and "depending on how deep you dig, Privacy will take between 2 and 5 hours to complete."

Other than the support of a small voice cast, the game is being created largely by developer Jim Offerman, who worked previously as the lead programmer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tomb Raider and Thief. As a solo project, Privacy will naturally need a bit more production time, and is currently on pace to release for Windows and Mac sometime in 2020. In the meantime, you can learn mour about the game throught the official website, as well as wishlist it on Steam or even pre-order on itch.io, which has the additional benefit of getting your name in the credits.

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