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3 GEEKS converge on Windows PC

The geeks are taking over the world! Or more accurately, they may soon be the last people standing, at least according to indie French developer Adipson Studio's newly-released 3 GEEKS.

Rodolphe Wallace, Cyprien Karanoff and Luc Vega are crazy. Literally, as they've been locked up in an insane asylum for a year. To escape, the trio "hide aboard a space shuttle that sends them into orbit around Earth." Little do they realize it at the time, but it also allows them to "avoid a nuclear apocalypse caused by Nathanael, a maniac who wanted to avenge his goat who died from human pollution." Their safe haven doesn't last, however, as "five years later, the shuttle automatically returns to the partially irradiated Earth and deposits the three madmen in a desert near a post-nuclear town called Ragoon City. And then the adventure really begins..."

Inspired by the comic genre classics like Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island but with "a French touch," this game is a traditional hand-drawn point-and-click adventure with not one but three protagonists to control, each of them with a very different personality. Rodolphe is a "pretentious, grumpy, unemployed inventor," while Cyprien is a "neurotic, germophobic chemist with tics" and Luc is a "bipolar, impulsive geek with only four seconds of active memory." Between the three of them they will need to interact with about 50 diverse characters and solve a variety of puzzles, with a notebook to help keep track of objectives, which should take about 6-8 hours in total to complete.

Available now for Windows PC on Steam, itch,io and Game Jolt, the installation of 3 GEEKS is in French by default, but can be changed via the "game settings" menu in the winsetup.exe file, or when the game begins by clicking the appropriate flag on the startup screen. If you want to see what kind of comedic lunacy you might be getting yourself into first, a playable demo is available from the official website

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