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Sol705 campaign

PC and consoles are Where the Bees Make Honey this month

Childhood reminiscence is a wonderful thing, but how we view the events of our early years is different when we grow up than it was back in our youthful, carefree days. Indie developer Brian Wilson of Wakefield Interactive aims to explore those different perspectives in Where the Bees Make Honey, a "puzzle-adventure about reflection and nostalgia" that is due to launch shortly on PC.

The game tells the story of a woman named Sunny, who's all grown up but "at a crossroads with what to do next in her life." While at her job, Sunny begins reflecting on various moments of her childhood, which become playable vignettes starring a younger version of herself dressed up in a bee costume. Representing the power of imagination, this costume allows players to rotate the environments in 90 degree increments in order to solve puzzles and progress the narrative along. 

Where the Bees Make Honey features two distinct presentation styles. The current-day scenes at Sunny's workplace are depicted in realistic first-person fashion. The bulk of the gameplay, however, is much more stylized with a "dreamy, ethereal" quality and shown from a third-person, isometric perspective. These childhood recollections "allow for the game to transition into each season" that "includes its own puzzles and sense of discovery." The actual gameplay promises to vary "considerably between seasons, vignettes, and moments," ranging from puzzle-solving to "arcade styled vehicle gameplay to stealthy interactions." 

A solo project begun back in 2016, Where the Bees Make Honey is nearly complete and will launch sometime this month on Steam for Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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