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Massïra completes development journey with PS4 release

While today's consoles are generally more inclined to push the boundaries of 3D technology, some games still embrace a more retro style of yesteryear. One such game is Massïra, a "low-poly puzzle and exploration game" from indie Spanish developer Frost Monkey that is now available on the PlayStation 4 in Europe. 

Massïra stars a young girl named Numi, who is "forced to leave her house in Syria with her grandmother Yara." Traveling together, the two of them head to Europe after fleeing the war in their country. On a journey "inspired by real facts and experiences [...] players will face many different problems from the protagonist’s imaginative and naïve point of view."

Created with the support of Sony's PlayStation Talents venture, Massïra features a distinctive low-polygon art style. While traversing the game's colourful 3D environments in third-person perspective, players can expect a blend of exploration, puzzles and light platforming in an experience "oriented to a sensitive audience and with a taste for games with a social background." Along with providing an entertaining adventure, the developer's goal is to "awaken the player's empathy towards the situation that the refugees are currently experiencing."

The complete game is available now in both Spanish and English at the UK PlayStation Store, but for those who'd like a sampler first, a 15-minute demo of Massïra has also been released so you can check out the game firsthand. 

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