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Mr. Maze finds way out on PC

If you hate mazes, stop reading now, but if the thought of a labyrinthine adventure appeals to your masochistic tendencies, then you'll be thrilled to hear about the PC launch of Mr. Maze.

Penny Porter is just such a maze lover. Unfortunately for her, "the fun and thrill of solving them at a local attraction is soon cut short when the mysterious Maze Meister appears and captures her." Players control Penny's father, reluctantly dragged along on his daughter's adventure, and it is now up to you to follow the two of them into a "strange land" and "solve many maddening mazes to rescue her." In the process, you'll attempt to answer a number of important questions as well: "Who is the Maze Meister? What is this place he dwells in? And why has he captured Penny?"

Described as a "light-hearted fantasy tale," Mr. Maze is presented in first-person, free-roaming 3D that will take you through a variety of environments from the Sunset Realm to Brain Mountain. Not that you're free to roam anywhere you want, of course, as you must make your way through "10+ mazes of varying difficulty" in order to succeed. Throughout this mysterious realm, there will also be a number of different characters to meet and "achievements, additional puzzles and secrets" to uncover along the way. 

Designed to be the "first in [a] new series of 'road-trip' 3D adventure games" from Screen 7's Mark Lovegrove, the budget-priced Mr. Maze is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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