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Apartment 327 unlocked on Windows PC

A game set entirely in a single house may seem somewhat confining, but not when you get to travel through time to experience multiple variations of it, like we can do now in BinaryBox Studios' newly-released horror adventure Apartment 327.

Apartment 327 traps players with no memory in "the old house of the Elizondo family, full of mysteries and dangers." If you're to figure out just who you are and why you're stuck in this place, you'll need to piece together its many secrets by visiting 15 different iterations of the house, ranging between 1923 and 2016. With this unique ability at your disposal, you must explore the same places but in different timelines, solving puzzles and occasionally evading "powerful enemies" through stealth along the way.

Not only are players able to travel to different times, you can actually experience firsthand the various old movies found throughout the haunting 3D environments. At first you'll find that "nothing will make sense, but as you order the different narrative pieces," you will begin to see the larger picture and what part each of the different characters play in it. Solving puzzles takes on a whole new dimension, as you'll not only need to work out what to do and where to do it, but when to do it as well. But beware, as you are powerless against the "strange beings" stalking the house and "an unexpected encounter can lead to death," so you must carefully navigate the rooms and flee whenever danger approaches. 

If you're up for a little time-traveling horror, the opportunity is already here, as Apartment 327 has been released on Steam for Windows PC.

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