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Layers of Fear series expands with upcoming sequel

Bloober Team's Layers of Fear franchise is about to get a whole second layer, as the Polish developer has pulled back the curtain on an upcoming sequel to its 2016 psychological horror adventure. 

While few plot details have been revealed so far about Layers of Fear 2 (teased late last year under the title Project Méliès), players will control a "star actor in Hollywood's golden age, who is offered a leading role in a new film by an eccentric, infamously mysterious director." Filming is set to take place aboard a luxury ocean liner, but "for our hero, the transatlantic cruise soon becomes a journey of self-discovery."

The new game will have much in common with its predecessor, including the "dark claustrophobic interiors, the shifting environment, as well as a rich multi-layered story." It also shares the first game's thematic focus on art, although rather than paintings, this time around "the main inspiration is the history of cinema, from Georges Méliès to contemporary film." In presenting the kind of psychological horror that is meant to both "scare you and to make you think," Layers of Fear 2 will explore the topic of "the search for one's true identity. When you spend your life portraying other people, there is always the risk in losing yourself in the process."

We don't yet know the when or where for Layers of Fear 2, as neither a target completion date nor platforms have yet been announced, but you can follow its progress through the official website.

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